BEWARE! Health insurance card fraud



Warning: Insurance Health Card scam!

For several weeks now, many people have been receiving fraudulent SMS messages asking them to update their "carte vitale" file.
The sender introduces himself as the "Assurance Maladie" or your "Compte Ameli". A link is then sent to you, asking you to enter it. 

Beware! These are scams, allowing the scammer to gain access! Do not click on the link.

Many people have already been scammed by this message. 

Here are some examples: 

Source: Ameli website

This scam attempt  also exists  by phone !

When L'Assurance Maladie contacts you by phone, the caller's number displayed on your phone's screen may be:

- 3646
- 01 78 85 70 03, for calls from the Sophia service;
- 01 87 52 00 70, for calls made as part of  operations for vaccination against Covid-19;
- on 09 74 75 76 78, for calls made as part of the contact tracing system in order to limit the circulation of the virus.

Finally, also beware of phishing attempts!

Always check the sender's email address before opening a message!

Infographie présentant le décryptage d'un courriel frauduleux (Description complète ci-après)

More information is available on the health insurance "Ameli" website  (french only)

If you have any doubts about a message of this type, do not hesitate to contact the CMI.